Friday, October 31, 2014

Criterion-Referenced Feedback

WHAT: Criterion-referenced feedback is feedback that tells students where they stand relative to a target level of knowledge or skills.  Rubrics are effective tools for providing students with criteria that describes specific levels of performance for content. The criteria is informational in nature as well as process-oriented.

WHY: This type of feedback gives students more information about their learning than norm-referenced feedback, which tells them how their performance ranks relative to the performance of other students. Descriptive indicators help students understand exactly what they have done well and what areas they need to work on improving.

HOW: Teachers can use rubrics to provide criterion-referenced feedback to students, but they can also empower students to use rubrics to rate writing and other work products produced by themselves and/or their peers. This strategy is most effective when students work to explain WHY a certain rubric indicator reflects the work being rated. It is also effective to engage students in coming up with specific steps that can be taken to move the work up a level on the rubric.

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