Friday, October 31, 2014

Goal Setting
  WHAT: Goal setting strategies are designed to help students clearly identify learning targets so that they can track progress toward reaching those goals.

WHY: Research shows a consistent, positive relationship between setting goals and successfully performing tasks.  In fact, successful people attribute much of their achievement to their ability to set, monitor, and achieve goals. Providing students with a goal-setting process or sharing goal-setting guidelines with them can help them more efficiently set and monitor their progress toward their goals.

HOW: Below are several examples of templates and specific goal-setting strategies. In order for goal setting to be most successful, students will first need to understand the learning standards and have a clear idea of how they might demonstrate evidence of their learning. This is a strategy that should become a part of the classroom culture and will have more impact on learning if a consistent approach is used and if it is re-visited continuously throughout the year.

Goal Setting Templates

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